The Dead
Wave That Flag Tour
July 2nd 2004 Columbia Meadows Saint Helens, Oregon

My GPS on my laptop going thru Redding CA

Shasta Mtn

North Weed Blvd, Weed California : )))

And into Oregon we go........

Columbia Meadows Parking Lot Scene

Parking lot Tour shirts we bought..........The very colorful bus : ))

Shakedown Street at Columbia Meadows Lot

View from the Beer Garden

The Dead playing "Little Red Rooster"

A view from futhur back and a crowd shot

A View from FOH

An Ultralight Deadhead : )) was spotted checking out the show

A Closer shot of the front lineup of  The 2004 Dead

A view from the back of Columbia Meadows and the Yummy Food Court : ))

The Northwest Late Sunset

As it gets dark


Nice Night Lighting by Candace Brightman

""Franklins Tower"

Phils Donor Rap and Bobs Voter Rap
Be an Organ Donor....Register to Vote

The Deads Encore.."Unbroken Chain"
A Great Night at The Meadows : ))
Next....... on to the Gorge

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